Friday, September 26, 2008

his girl fridayyyyyyyy

I enjoy the new academy is cd. A lot.
I really need to work on my people skills. Aside from asking extremely inappropriate questions that probably lead people to commit suicide after my inquiry, I say the worst things, at all the wrong times. If you know what I mean.
John Mayer, thank you for writing "My Stupid Mouth" because it never really applied to me until college. And while I loved singing the other song about "I've never lived the dreams of the prom kings, and the drama queens", I never really had that stupid of a mouth.
Larry's leg finally came off. I need a new sticker, asap.
Which meannnnnnss. I need to go home soon. So I'm excited for that. I'm like way more excited than I should be.
The first time I went home freshman year, I remember it was 89 days since I'd last been home (or something like that) I shrieked like Farmer Ted every time we passed anything aka Outback, shopping centers, Bert's... anything, mostly to annoy ashleigh. I might do that this time cause I'm that excited. Not even about going home, or being home, or seeing anyone. Just the fact that I feel like being happy.
I'm going to West Virgina this weekend with Steph and Steph. So that'll be fun. I guess I won't blog for two days though.
Oh and I'm so proud of my blog, it's embarrassing. When ever someone asks me what's unique about myself, I'm forced to explain my blog. Since that is the only semi-cool thing about myself. I sometimes explain my obsession with Holden Caulfield, but in a lot of circumstances, that's creepy. And you'd be surprised how often you get asked that question when you're in a sorority.

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