Monday, September 15, 2008

"I miss you boy."

Dream time:
So for some reason I had my 12th grade obsession ask Laura on a date. Only he didn't ask Laura, he asked Jamie, who for some reason said "yes". Then he ended up showing up 30 minutes late. My dad was there and he did not approve.

I really thought that I was going to blow away to Oz last night. More like I was hoping to blow away to Oz last night. (Alex and I had this conversation last night) I think pretty much we had a tornado in Pittsburgh. I kept picturing my window blowing out and then Tiffany Place would lift up from the ground and blow us millions of miles to an imaginary land. I wonder who my lion, tinman and scarecrow would be? But unlike Dororthy, I think I would stay in Oz forever, despite trying to get killed for my beautiful shoes by the wicked witch of the west. I would just sleep in the field of poppies all night and then when I eventually wake up when it snows, I'll take pictures of Emerald City and the horse of a differnet color, all after I get made over, of course.

The gala was nice. It was as fun as it could have been I guess. But any excuse for me to dance around like a loser to music from the 80's means I'm game. Like I cant wait for Adam and Sara's wedding. Round two of embarrassing ourselves in front of the family. It's pretty much my favorite pastime.

I'm just killing time before I have to leave. I'm not sure how it happend but I woke up at 930, fooled around on the computer, got a shower, got ready, went outside to get my shirt from the car, and then sat on the internet some more and its only 1030. That is impressive. And we finally bought the good irish spring soap last night, so I smell pretty good. how long that will last, I dont know.

I'll write more when I get to school.

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