Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I treat you like a book on a shelf

I had this dream last night that I figured I should tell you about. Since I feel the need to write down all of my dreams. This one just seemed particularly creeptastic.
It started out with me at my Aunt Jan's wedding (who is already married with three kids) and I'm pretty sure her kids were there and she was getting married to my Uncle Mike again. The theme was crimson wine-y...so I guess that's burgundy. I think it was in a tent because I remember running through a field. I wasn't in the wedding, I was just there. Then their place settings were really ugly, just normal glasses. And my mom said "Are these the glasses Kristen brought home from work" which doesn't make much sense because I never worked at a place that served beverages in glasses. Then we were in someones house and all of my little cousins (who weren't my cousins) were running around. And I was laying in this dark room on a bed that was right next to the door with my feet up near my chest and my arms around my leg like a paranoid retard. Then Someone walked into the doorway and asked if I was naked, because I guess I was only wearing a bra and underwear. Then they took my wrist and slit it with a knife. Not on purpose, exactly. Or that I can tell. it sort of just happened. So the rest of the night I had to walk around with toilet paper on my wrist.
I was semi freaked out when I woke up. AndI like interpreting dreams for other people, but never can for myself. So I text Denise and Jamie every morning, but at this moment when I woke up I happened to be texting Denise and I said "what does someone cutting your wrist in a dream mean?" and she said something along the lines of I'm being tortured. Which made me laugh, and then wonder why I didn't think of it.

Other noteworthy conversations I had today were with Jamie
She is creepy, I can't lie.
"So his last name is between w and z. this will help a lot lol"
and then
"he signed the red folder which is r to z and he signed the right side which had w to z lol"
so thank god I have creepster friends. It makes my life.

today the song of my life is called "you will? you will? you will? you will?"
and here are the lyrics

Well you say that I treat you like a book on a shelf.
I don't take you out that often 'cause I know that I've completed you
and that's why you are here.
That is the reason you stay here.
How awful that must feel.
You said you would be my dream. I could have you every night
and if, by morning, I had forgotten you, well, no big deal, it would be all right
'cause you are the reoccurring kind.
You are the reoccurring kind.
You never really leave my mind.
Are you the love of my lifetime? 'Cause there have been times I have had my doubts.
We were just kids when I first kissed you in the attic of my parents house,
and I wish we were there now.
It took so long to figure out
what this book has been about.
Now I write when I'm away letters that you never read.
You said go to explore those other women,
the geography of their bodies
but there is just one map you'll need.
You are a boomerang. You'll see.
You will return to me.
You will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will.
You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will.
'Cause if you don't, then this book is all lies.
If you don't, then my plans would all be ruined.
If you don't, I'll start drinking like the way I drank before.
And I just wont have a future anymore.

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