Wednesday, September 17, 2008

love in plaster.

I. Good Day/Bad Day?
A. Good Day
i. I found a parking spot on the 10th floor, not the 12th floor.
ii. I found a penny, I picked it up, so all the day I should have good luck.
iii. I was walking out of the parking garage, some boy was walking up from the other side and he held the door open and said "after you" while holding his arm out. That just makes this a good day. When was the last time someone under the age of 50 did that for you? I mean the other day some 75 year old man did that for me when we were getting off the elevator. Chivalry is not completely dead at Duquesne...Denise just asked me why I said it was suprising that he was actually cute, I responded cute=asshole... eeeh.
iv. we got to watch a moive in Revolutions in Modern Latin America, instead of me suffering through a lecture.
B. Bad Day
i. Ash made me late/annoyed me.
ii. My computer took three hours to print out my homework, which I can only
assume I did wrong, because I do everything wrong.
iii. I think I got two questions right on my test

Last night was strange. I was like high or something. But that's usually the case after I spend 12 hours on campus. I talked to Lauren, aka my Human Journal. It was nice. I love getting everything off my chest. Even though, I never do. Who knows. Last night I was singing Fergalicious to Denise over the internet and today she and Eric heard it in the car and they both texted me about the fact that Fergalicous was stuck in their heads. It made me laugh. A lot. I danced around to Hellogoodbye (namely "Bonnie Tyler Shakedown") in the kitchen this morning while I endlessly waited for Ash to get done with class so I could take the car and start my shit-o-licous day.

Its really nice today. September 17, 2008 has that going for it. And I did find that penny. The only problem was it was really crummy. But it must be fate or else I don't think that I would have noticed the "chink" sound of my flip flop running over it. So it's fate that I found Lincoln.

I want to go outside, but then I feel like I will sweat and get that outside smell before my next class. But it feels really nice. I doubt there is a shady spot. I'm going to look for one.

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