Monday, September 15, 2008

Replacing old dreams with flattery from new loves

I love how people wear Eagles Jerseys here in Pittsburgh. I think many Pittsburgh residents would find that blasphemous. I'm just saying.
In my last class we "watched" a movie about the Journey of Man. It was not as interesting as it sounds, partly due to the bad sound quality as well as the he-shes trying to describe to me how we ended up being white when we all came from Africa. Yes, I know all about this already, He-She.
So I'm reading this book called The Wanting Seed and I can't lie, it's pretty tight. It is, however, similar to the ten pages of 1984 that I read two years ago. Despite its future setting, the Population Police and the words I don't understand because I'm retarded, it's about to get bloody. I can tell. Either that or just creepy. Two of my favorite things.
I might as well start on a Juile Andrews rant hereee:

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