Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So Eric and I have a theory.
And that theory, well I can't seem to make right of it this week. Ever since Friday I haven't been able to clearly define my days into either a good day or a bad day. There are just so many elements involved that will not allow me to classify a 24 hour span of time as "good" or "bad". This is a problem. Mostly for Eric because I guess he won't be able to fully decide if his days are good or bad because my lack of commitment would in turn confuse him. Maybe we should just have neutral days. Where we both have neutral days. Life is OK at a neutral standpoint, I feel.
This is what will happen then, Eric.
Friday... I lost my sweater. Along with some other things. I lost my sweater, and that's what I'm most upset about. I miss that dang thing. And I keep hoping it's just going to float by me in mad day dream.
My dreams last night. I can't write about them.
I really don't have words. And my subconscious takes me by surprise often.
So because of my dream last night
I decided today that I would rid myself of all distractions.
And I was going to focus on school. Get over this A.D.D thing that Junior year of college has brought me.
It sort of worked in Intro to Fiction. I didn't pay full attention mostly because we had to read a book about suicide and the events of yesterday make me see life differently (OK yesterday. I was driving to school and these people were standing along the road holding up HUGE signs of aborted babies. They looked like someone took a potato masher to their heads. I can't even describe the effect. I knew what it looked like but normally when you see these pictures you have a few seconds to prepare yourself for what you know you're going to see. But yesterday I did not have this reaction time. They just hit you like a giant bloody dead baby. And that's the only way to describe it. There was also a huge diagram of a needle going into the mothers womb to kill the baby. There has to be something wrong with this).
I didn't pay that much attention on Fiction.
Or in Politics for that matter.
At least I kept my brain on one thing.
And that is my new story.
It's kind of a masterpiece in progress.
You wouldn't like it though. Since you know my grammar skillz.

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