Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i have a friend he is mostly made of pain.

My back is killing at the moment.
I drove home in between classes and got myself some Instant Lunch.
I'm still in the process of eating it.
I have a desk in the back of my car, and I can't see anything.
I got caught in the rain (hence why I went home to change).
I really can't stand when things aren't what you think they are.
That is very vague, but I mean it to be.
Like you think something is going to be exciting and good and like "wow" and then its not.

Oh so this still annoys me:
Last night I was checking out a movie and the girl at the checkout counter goes "have you ever seen this"
and I said "No, but I just read the book and I loved the book"
and she said "Oh well this movie is creepy, I was forced to watch it in English class. It was gross and bloody"
And I said "Oh then I'll love it"
and she goes "You're sick"

I assume she didn't get my sarcasm.
But the cute geeky-sadistic type guy that was also working there clearly enjoyed the conversation. Who couldn't. My friend made fun of me.

So this is my day up until 5:30
I woke up at like 10:30. I told Ash to wake me up so I could get up early and study and get my book out of the car. Did she? No. So I woke up late, sans textbook-so no way to study. I got ready and had to WALK to Pitt. Which is actually less of a distance than the Library where I always walk... but it was the principle. Anyway, So it took me like ten minutes to find the car. I mean Pitt is not a small campus. Then I drove to school, studied a little, went to my meeting with my advisor then failed my Anthropology test. (That is so embarrassing. How do you not pass an Anthropology test?) Then I was like gah, I'll go to the library. But it started raining so I walked faster to my car and then it down poured. I got soaked and was like "fuck this, I'm going home". And then I went home, ate 300 Tootsie Rolls, a chicken salad sammy and then made the Instant Lunch. Now I'm in the Library computer lab waiting for the appropriate departure time so I don't have to sit in class alone talking with Helen Henke until the boy who has a tattoo of the deer he killed comes in so he can awkwardly talk to her. And we sit there in awkness waiting for the rest of the class to trickle in.

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