Thursday, October 30, 2008

I just want back in your head.

How about when my Shuff battery dies my life flashes before my eyes. Literally I have to contemplate how I'm going to survive the next hour of my life and then the walk to my car. It scares me. I know this sounds extreme, but functioning is not possible without a string of green rubber and wires that delivers soothing sounds to my ears. And now I've downgraded to listening to Tegan and Sara on Myspace.
Cause you know, I just want back in your head.
That line keeps repeating in my head. Along with "I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray" Just cause I like the way it goes.
So last night was nice.
The latter part of it was spent in the library. LL shaved his head. This is not good. We all know boys + haircuts= never good. Idk, the longer the better in my mind. Unless you look bad with long hair...
Anyway. Tangent.
I thought it was necessary to skip my Politics class and sit in the library and try to study some econ for my quiz in 53 minutes. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I'm studying, I got bored, started staring off into space and I feel like I could have just gone to class and sat there and stared off into space without skipping. Skipping is always such a big decision. I bet I put as much thought into it as the U.S did when they were deciding whether or not to drop the atomic bomb.
I actually paid attention in English today because we read a piece from The Things They Carried. And if you know me, you know I love that book. So it was nice to like what we were talking about today. I don't remember if you got it, Jamie, but I hope you like it. The end gets boring and actually I never finished the book the end is so boring.
I'm partially excited because I think I'm going shopping tonight. Not like I have any money to buy anything, but just cause. I want to get a skirt even though I know this will not be an easy task. But I want to be annoying and were tights and a skirt in the winter. I also need a few hours where I don't have to write a paper, read a book (that I don't want to read) or sit in class. Also, an hour where I'm not either in the library or listening to Ash bitch about something.
So Myspace keeps rudely making "back in your head" skip to this song called "nineteens" which goes "i felt you in my legs before i met you" its getting on my nerves.
This week did consist of nothing but sitting at the library writing papers. I had to read this 400 some page book about an ethnographyfor my anthro class and write a paper on it. I turned it in two days early actually but it is still horrible. Like I'm going to get a C at best. Which is not good because I got a 63 on the test. This is literally the most embarrassing moment of my life. Anthropology is the easiest subject ever. Well Sociology, excuse me. And like it's a part of my major. I never studied for Sociology and still got like 95%'s on all the tests. I miss that class. I could sit in it all day too.
Helen Henke is very helpful. She has this obsession with talking to my group and keeping us there for way too long. But she tells you things that your advisers won't tell you. And I wish I knew all of this stuff before last night. Thank you Denise Galluci for being absolutely no help in my life. I might as well advise myself. I'm sorry, that's probably mean.
Uhh night classes are the pits. Anything that involves me paying attention after 4 is not going to work. Well... that's not true. I never pay attention. Yesterday I was on top of things. I actually used my planner. That made me really happy.
Gah, this sucks. I'll stop and spare you my heinous rant.

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