Thursday, October 2, 2008

I know what you must be going through and i feel sorry for you.

I feel like a piece of my soul is missing because I didn't blog yesterday. Or maybe I did. I'm not sure, but anyway. I feel like its been a long time since I typed my feelings.
Big props to Denise for being so human and listening to all of my problems last night. Well the abridged version of my problem full of "ajaldfja;dsfjas;dfinasffnagh"'s. Because doing that solves everything. Literally. It could probably cure cancer if you wanted it to. I was just in one of those moods. I was in a really good mood (hahaha, I'm such a 3rd grade freak) and then I'm so lame I just get in bad moods. Well not bad, but like upsetish moods. Where I feel the need to get some things on the shelf. Cause, you know, my shelf is getting pretty heavy.
I just downed two of those brown sugar and cinnamon poptarts and some room temperature water. The combination gives you a headache.
Oh, my dream.
excuse the fact that I always need to write this stuff down.
I was at AMC but it was Quiznos. Like it was the building and the same concession stand and colors and everything, except we made subs instead of popcorn. I think Alexis and James were the only ones who actually worked at AMC were there. Then this random girl in my sorority that I'm not even very close to was there. She led me into this back room (which I never knew existed) The room looked like the back of a stage, with all the costumes and wooden structures and all of that jazz. Then it's pretty foggy because I think Ashleigh came into my room at this point(some girl is legit staring at me at the moment, I thought you should know). But I think someone was in the background with the intent to kill me. Or chase me or something of that nature. They were just lurking around being all dark and shady. Then I woke up because Ashleigh walked in and I think I was getting a text message.
I did what I keep telling myself I won't. And that is press the snooze button. I did it twice today. I hate hate hate doing that. I went to bed around 1230 last night and I don't think it took me that long to fall asleep. Or maybe it did. oh, it did. I remember I was having one of those pre-sleep-night-day-dreams that keep me up at night.

I never know if I should feel sorry for people that didn't go to college.
I mean, I know money can be an issue but number one, the government will basically pay for your college if you're poor enough.
And two, I'm paying for my entire college by myself through loans. So I mean, if you want to go there isn't really an excuse not to go unless you can't get it. Like I almost couldn't.
Except apparently Duquesne is number 40 of all the colleges in the world or the country or something like that. And we're almost ivy league. Is that what's going on? Someone told me this. I thought it was pretty sweet and it makes me feel really smart because I still have a 3.3...well 3.25 but we round up to make me feel better about my worthless life.
Man, teachers are so cute.
Like really adorable.

Can I say (and I say this all the time) but why would you text someone and then not say anything to further the conversation. It just baffles me. I mean I don't like when random people I don't know text me and then I feel obligated to have a textual conversation. Ok, I'm going to stop.

This is a three day week for me.
I would really really really really enjoy going home the weekend of the 13th, but oph, I can't. Stupid initiation. Not that it's stupid, but still. It's just that I was really looking forward to going home. I think I'm going to go November 1st. oh, maybe not, that's Halloween the night before. Maybe the 8th. Idk so much to plot out.
Well I'm not sure what to do now. This was a lame blog. I'm lame, I can't help it.

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