Friday, October 24, 2008

I want my own dream. So bad I'm gonna scream.

Alright so HSM 3 was an intense look at my life thus far. It got me thinking about a lot of things, mostly things I didn't feel like thinking about. Thankfully I held off on the thoughts until after the movie.

Ok soooooooo

About 99.8 % of it was horrible. But 100% of it was amazing. Well I take that back. Gabriella still ruined the movie with her 'I love you Wildcat' phrase which she severely overused. The dancing=phenomenal. The singing=perfection. Zac Efron=more than beautiful. There was a part where Zac and Corbin dance around in a old car compound lot. I can't get over it. The plot sucked, but doesn't it always. That is clearly not why we watch the movies. I don't even know why, the songs actually suck, none of them can act, maybe it's the dancing.

Also lets talk about Ryan. Why are they trying to make him seem heterosexual when they do everything in their power to show that he is beyond flamboyantly gay? He asked Kelsey to the prom (which they never had because Gabriella is redic.) and he winked at her like he liked her, they shared a "love song" like really Disney. He is GAY.

There were about 60 other gay men in the audience and they looked just like Ryan. I love Ryan though. Not as much as Sharpay, but still.

Oh there was A LOT of underwear flashing which seemed a little risky, but then again, every one's seen Vanessa Hudgens naked anyway, so I guess it's nothing new. But it wasn't just her. Taylor had a blatant flashing scene and Sharpay's skirt was so short during the "musical" that you could see her underwear. And this had to happen a lot if you actually noticed it.

Please, when you see it, note Troy's stripper dance on the ropes during his solo song. The song is reminiscent of "Bet On It" but is called "Scream" and soooo much better.

Basically the world is going to end on East High .They have to realize that life is more than puppy love and basketball. Apparently everyone is a genius. There is a new addition to the HSM cast. His name is "Rocket Boy" He was born in 1990. So I think that's ok.

You can gaze at his beauty.
Needless to say, there was a lot of dancing, a lot of clapping, a few people even held lighters in the air during the good songs.
The end sort of sucked. I lie, the whole movie "sucked" but it has to suck in order to be amazing. It was horrible in it's amazingness.
P.S Zac Efron sans shirt is a reason to spend money seeing this movie.
Even if you are male and not gay you can appreciate it.


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    well i cant wait to see it. i'm looking forward to the zefron and vaneXXXa hudgens.

  2. sweeeet. i'm going tomorrow. i want to be a wildcat.

    ps-i love that your 500th blog is about hsm. so fitting.