Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'd love to know what you were thinking about.

This is my 499th blog.
Can you believe it?
How time flies when you write about every detail of your mundane life. I think I'll write a dedication to all of my favorite readers. Like one long ass blog that takes up the whole webpage. So, you know, give me a shout out if you want to be written about. ahah.
My hair must have a vendetta against Wednesday or something. I spent like 8 hours this morning getting it to be semi-poofy. It's now flat as a pancake. It's inevitable that every Wednesday I look like shit. I can't win.
I have to say that I am no longer the creepiest person on the planet. Even though I think Jamie filled that position a few weeks ago. Anyway, I'm in love with this kid that works at the library. And Jacqui and I call him my "LL" and Jacqui has her own. So anyway, last night we were at the library, naturally, and she decides to sit right across from the circulation desk. I think he clearly knows I'm obsessed and he probably felt me staring at him for an hour and I could tell he started to get uncomfortable. Not like I was "staring" just the whole situation was embarrassing. I didn't want to sit there, I'm more for subtlety. But Jacqui insisted. We took cell phone pictures. Good times.
We're also going to see High School Musical 3:Senior Year on opening night at 12. Us and the 80 screaming preteens. Scoreee.
I think I might go home for Halloween. I'm not sure yet. :)
Probably not. I just don't want to deal with drunken sluts in lingerie all night.

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