Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm all over you.I'm not over you.

This weekend was...nice.

I skipped out on festivites on Friday to go to my Grams.

We went to JoeZeppis for the last time.

Oh, Friday afternoon:

Ashleigh drops me off at Grandmas before she leaves for home. But, alas, the door is locked. So I stand there for ten minutes trying to pry the door open because its old and well, you know. No luck. So we run down to the garage. Her car is gone.... I call her cell phone, but being a Grandma she neglects to asnwer. So Ash just leaves me there and I go for a walk around the neighborhood and call Denise. I got barked at about 50 times and had several dogs run after me. Then I was like Gram has to be home by now. She wasn't. So I sat on the porch for about an hour reading. (Which I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed.) Then some men from Duquesne Electric came over to me and told me the power was going to be out until 230 becuase they were changing the transformers or something like that. Which of course didn't matter to me at all because well... I was stuck outside of my Grandmas house. Then for some reason Ash was talking to my uncle who eventually informed me there was a key in the bunny. So I got in. But it was pointless because the power was out. So I just layed back outside and read.

And then on Saturday I went on a retreat with A.Phi. We went "camping" aka too much estrogen in one room. It was a lot of fun though. I found out a lot of stuff I really didn't want to know. But other than that it went smoothly.

OHhhhhhh. I got my little. Her name is Katie and she is so nice.
I really wish I didn't look so horrible in this picture. But I'll just have to deal until I can look decent.
I felt like Matilda yesterday. All I need is a radio flyer and I'll be set. I have my gay vera bag which does not cut it.

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