Sunday, October 5, 2008

love rhymes with hiedous car wreck

So jamie blogged and used this title. annnd I felt like copying.
I feel like I need to find some love so I can say it rhymes with hideous car wreck.
Maybe "like" rhymes with hideous bike wreck.
Like the kind where some douchebag biker runs into a car. Or the car runs into the biker would make more sense that way there is more of a possibility of blood, maybe a broken bone. Which is always good.
Not like I would know, I've never been in a car wreck before. and or a bike wreck for that matter. A serious one. I mean I've fallen off a bike before and possibly ran into a car on my own. You know.

One day when I'm a famous writer (you know, after I take some English classes) I'll be able to write more in depth. That would be fun.
Then I could make up stories that are loosely based around my life. But they would be much more exciting.
I think I'm going to be more of a Poe as opposed to an actual novelist.

Denise is becoming my new journal.
It's cute.

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