Saturday, October 4, 2008

My love will not die, please let it be known.

Ok so I was in a perfectly happy mood today and then Ash has to go all postal on me. Apparently I'm selfish, I think the whole world revolves around me, I think I should get the car whenever I want, blah blah blah.
Like I can't take it. And she was out umm what was it? All last night? Yeah did she call to tell me where she was? Nooo. Common courtesy is out the door of 33C in case you didn't know.
So last night. I was at home all day reading some sweet books and then at about 6 I called Ash to have her take me to school so I could just stay over night and get up early for white water rafting. Anyway, she said she was "at the library studying". Number one, she doesn't' study. Number two, not on a Friday night and number 3 when she does study once in a blue moon, she does not chose the library. I just can't stand being lied to. I already know everything anyway, so you might as welll just tell me. Then I just drove myself to school and parked in my parking garage and ash said that she'd just get the car and go over to grams later that night. So she never called. I had no idea if she was going to take the car. Then I went out along on my business as usual (well...sort of) and got back to towers at like 1 and called her to ask if she took the car, no answer. I tried to sleep until about 6 when clearly sleep was not in my future I called her upwards of 30 times to ask if she took the car out or not (i was signed into a building that I wouldn't be allowed to get back into if the car was not there which meant I would be stuck in the Towers lobby for two hours sitting on a bench) Anyway, she didn't take the car. So I drove home because I thought I forgot my ticket for wwring, which I didn't. So I drove the the apt assuming she would be there. was she? no. so I took a quick nap and shower and came back to Duquesne. Thennnn
we went white water rafting. And let me tell you, it's my favorite thing to do. I'm so proud of myself because I went another time without falling out. So that's four times of staying in the raft the whole time. I was forced to be "captain" which pissed me off because none of my crew listened to my commands. i was just waiting for someone to commit mutiny. Other than that three people in my raft fell out. Christian, the uber sexy raft guide felt up Julie mad whoa. See she got a wetsuit but it was too small and we were trying to help her get it up her legs more so it would be more comfortable and Christian came over and just literally rubbed his hands all over her to try to get the suit up more.
I remember the whole thing extremely vividly. The only time I almost fell out was when we went over this double hydraulics part and i kind of awkwardly, well more than awkwardly fell in a frog positon into the middle of the raft. And then I experienced the second most awkward moment of my life which involved humping each other to try to get the raft off a rock, which didn't work and Christan had to come and save us anyway. well more than once.
I slept most of the ride home. The place where I had to change was a really nasty shower with years worth of hair in a big clump at the drain. It was horrible.
Then I got back to campus expecting the car to be in the parking garage. No, it's not. So I'm sitting in the library computer lab, where else, and writing this. I look like the epitome of shit. I'm in grey sweatpants and an inside out hoodie. I never like people to see me in this ensemble. even though I look gross every day of my life, the horribleness of my look just exceeds expectations. which ones, I'm not sure.

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