Monday, October 6, 2008

Our love is a slow song.

I needed to document my dreams.
I had two. It was sweet.

Number one:
First off, I really need to come up with a more original job because in both dreams I worked at a movie theater. Anyway I was in a car with these two girls and one of their moms. And we were going to work, but we needed to drop one of the girls off a their houses first. It was a really awkward street and we drove up this really big winding hill and got to her house. Then we all got out of the car and heard all of these bombing sounds in the distance and when we turned around all of these black balls were falling from the sky and then hitting the ground and exploding. So we all started to freak out but we just stood there watching them get closer and closer. Then finally they got so close to us we could see them and we realized that they weren't black balls they were globes. And when they got to this girls house they weren't exploding, just crashing into things. So we all went into the garage which helped for a while. Then a few crashed through. And one hit this one girl in my sorority. Then they globes moved on and we were all ok. I think we stayed in the garage and played some games. Then we all went to the movies (this is where it gets fuzzy) I remember watching a moive. And Ahhh. I lost it.

Dream Number 2:

I worked in a half movie theater half restaurant. This kid from school, we'll call him "Joe" was there and I worked with him along with Alexis from AMC .( I don't know why she keeps being in my movie theater dreams) So I don't remember much about this one other than we worked and served people. Then Joe wanted to go out to eat with Alexis and me. So I went back to my house and it literally took me 15 minutes to pick something to wear. I went through every outfit I own in real life pretty much. Then Joe ran upstairs and told me that I had to be ready by 4:02.

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