Thursday, October 16, 2008

You will return to me

I feel extremely awkward now because I sat down at this computer and the boy across the table like stood up to look at me. So now I'm extremely self conscious and I feel like I have a leaf in my hair or something.
Some days at Duquesene, I feel like I'm at Carnegie Mellon. Why are there so many Asians and Indians in the library? Possibly upwards of ten (Ten is a lot for this campus, by the way).
I took my English midterm today. Basically what we had to do was know the author, title of all the stories we've read and then Rita Allison would pick a quote from each story and we had to state the textual significance of it. I clearly did horribly. I knew every author (first AND last name) and every title. But the whole part where you have to think. I need to memorize. I thrive on it. Like I the other day we were learning about the Six-day war in my Politics class, and all I did was write down "1967" on a page of my epic book that I'm writing (I write it all in this class) and two weeks later, I remembered that the Six-Day War took place in 1967. Remember that. Johnson was president. But the whole idea of understanding things, I can't help you there. That's why I didn't get a good grade on this midterm.
Thankfully I got out of my Ed class early last night at about 7:15. So I had a lot longer to work on my English paper. I got distracted a hundred times though. I got a Java Chip which never translates into anything good.
Then I woke up at like 8. Snoozed until 9. Then Ash calls me and is like "drive me to school, I'm going to miss the bus" I was like helllll no. But me being so selfless, I got out of bed and sat in traffic for 15 minutes just to get her to school. Then I had to sit in traffic on the way back. So I got back to the apartment at 930ish. Which meant I only had a half hour to get ready. I got here on time and everything. Sans studying for my test. Which is why I didn't pass. Or so I blame it on that reason.

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