Sunday, October 19, 2008

you're a womanizerrrrr

So on Friday, I was driving down to Maryland and I was minding my own business when none other than a shooting star flew by. I was like "that can't be a shooting star, its really big and close" but then again I'd never seen one before so I wasn't the best judge. I said "fuck it" and wished. I mean if it didn't come true it'd be cool. Buuuuuuuuuut. Less than five seconds later it came true. I wish it hadn't. But it was really cool anyway. I felt like it was Fate.

And so this dream I had last night. I was going on some sort of church type trip. We weren't camping exactly. I think it was just a day time excursion to a beachy-forest. It looked sort of like the way Point Lookout is set up I guess. Anyway. Some how we got stuck there like it was some kind of desert island, even though I swear we had cars and cell phones with service because I was texting one of the people stranded there. But despite that we were stuck. There was a cabin-esque building there which was haunted. At least the bottom of it was. Gah I can't remember what was going on. We had to walk around and find the dead people. And then it was time for bed and some people wanted to sleep on the beach and some people wanted to sleep in the cabin. It was my idea to sleep in the cabin because there were a lot of platforms and I thought it would be safer or something. We all had to sleep on towels. Mine was black and too small. There were people down wind from us. Nothing really happened with them. This is getting to be a lot like Lost. Of course my worst nightmare was in my dream and we had a confrontation.
Then we ended up at my friend Steph's aunts house (not really her aunt). There were a lot of cats and dolies. Then we stayed there for awhile and someone came to get us and then I got a text message so I don't know what happened after that.
And my mom was supposed to wake me up. But she didn't.

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