Saturday, November 22, 2008

i was hoping you would be waiting there for me.

I literally have nothing to write about.
I just had the urge to type. I'm not really sure why.
We're going to see Twilight tonight :) I'm rather excited about that. We (and when I say we I assume you know it's me Ashleigh and Alex) watched Kung Fu Panda last night. Apparently I fell asleep in the middle of it, but I had no idea. So we finished it today, along with two episodes of Dexter and a lot of sitting around and sleeping. We woke up at 11ish. Then Ash, Uge and I went to Forever 21 so I could get one of my shirts then to Home Depot "Pittsburgh's Home Improvement Store" to get some yellow paint to paint the downstairs bathroom with, even though my Gram hated it when it was her idea to paint the bathroom yellow. No one my family makes sense. Foile a famile. ahah.
and now for some reason I'm sweating.
Everyone decided to go on a family Geagle run and I got left behind. Story of my life.
No one is at Duquesne. Alex imed from Maryland saying it was snowing. I couldn't believe that. But who knows. I do know one thing: it was not snowing in St. Mary's County. You can usually count on that when you're tired of snow.
so last night Ash and I were stuck in our apartment until about 7... I'll have to upload the video one time. We were watching people almost get into fender benders. But the people driving down S. Negly are extremely lucky. only one minor incident that turned into two hours of taking up the entire road for one small Vibe. Just wait til I upload the video.
Ohyeah. Ash and I were being voyeurs. We stood at our window and watched this whole scene play out for about two hours. We watched/videoed several unfortunate cars spinning out of control, onto the side walk, almost into the traffic on 5th ave. it was hilarious. No one got hurt, so it wasn't like we're masochistic -esque morbid citizens of Pittsburgh. We were just doing our civic duty filming possible accidents for further investigation and good laughs. okyeah.

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