Monday, November 10, 2008

I've seen more guts in 11 year old kids.

Can I just say that I hate myself. I almost gave up something that I've wanted since I was like... five. But good news, I'm not switching. Actually bad news for you because that means next semester I will have thousands of things to blog about. Unlike the past few weeks. I can't exactly describe why I've been slacking. Maybe it's the copious amounts of other work I am being forced to do, or the fact that I just literally have nothing to write about. And the stuff that I would write about is too obvious. And I attempt to keep a distance on all things labeled under "my life" so that no one really knows who or what I'm talking about. Mostly to save feelings and such.
I also don't know whats wrong with me. I was bored out of my mind in Anthro and so I like to write the all the presidents in the margin of my notebook. I only came up with 36.
I always feel bad when I go on fruns. (that's "fake run" for anyone who doesn't understand the lingo. it's like my own form of Nadsat, only not at all.) I feel bad mostly because I fool people into thinking that I'm one of those random fat in shape people. They see me one way and they're like "good for that girl" and then five minutes later when they see me again, they think "oh, makes sense" because I'm walking and panting like I was about to be raped by some black guy and I was running from him.
I'm attempting to register for classes. But good old Duquesne won't let me #1 register for Writing History 311W or #2 take any good classes that are not on Friday. I don't have classes on Friday. And I think if I did I would have a panic attack. Hence why I dropped the class I had on MWF. uhhh.

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