Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we're never waking up

I think this dream wins as the most messed up dream i've ever had.
It started out something with my mom and i and a whole bunch of soilders covering one of those big jungle gym things that look like a dome with pieces of a parachute. I was doing it wrong, no doubt, and my mom got mad at me. Then for some reason Ube and Uge had enough of life and we're like "i'm going to kill myself". I feel like they had to have taken too much medicine or tried to O.D but it didn't work. Well Ube at least woke up, still donning his moustache, in a few minutes. But while he was "dying" Alex was freaking out and after we found out that Ube was not infact going to die, we ran upstairs to a bathroom that looked nothing like my Grams bathroom, but there was alex in the bathtub, I guess she drowned herself. No one was freaking out they're all just like "it happens" and that was that. I feel like I was more of a third party observer, I wasn't actually in the dream at this point. I wish I could remember this part because there was a lot more with my Grandma, and I feel like someone else killed themselves. Uhh. I shudder to think of what my mind was going through.
Then my next dream we (Ash, Lauren, my mom and I) were going to the movies, which I can only assume was a renivated, but much uglier, AMC. And we went to see Jingle All the Way or some other Christmas movie that we've all aleady seen. Lauren decided to sit way back in the back which was such a high climb it was up near the celing. There were about a thousand people in the one theater and my mom never showed up (I don't know why) but in the middle of the movie like ten people from the left side stood up and started shooting what looked like spit balls at the people on the right side. Then the people on the right stide started throwing paper balls at the people on the left.
Then my little and I were on our way to some amusement park, using the GPS, no doubt. We went on one rollercoaster and for some reason needed to come home. I don't know why I can't remember this dream because it was the most recent. Anyway something about my Uncle Bob was going on at his house. Then we were back at my house and Ash had to come with us. But by this time it was pretty dark out. I think we decided not to use the GPS and ended up getting lost. And we got there too late, but we never actually got there. I can't rememeber what happened.

I mostly wanted to write down the first part.
I might need someone to analyze that later.

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