Sunday, December 28, 2008

boys used to follow me around then I got cold.

I am in the process of bawling my eyes out to the tune of Charlie Bartlett. That movie that you thought was going to be a "comedy" about this kid giving medication to a bunch of melodramatic teenagers. But it was a wannabe suicidal documentary about the life of a, well, suicidal teen, and a couple of crazy ones thrown in for good measure, and a plot to entertain the masses. Fortunately, I can't remember my melodramatic teen years, and what I can remember, well, sometimes I keep trying to scoop those memories up like water in the ocean and the water keeps falling through my arms. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's a lot of commas used to explain a metaphor for life. And since I said it, I can only assume it doesn't make sense.
Well, Charlie Bartlett. The whole movie is beyond unrealistic. I don't think it's possible for one person to go to 15 different psychiatrists and or not be arrested for selling mass quantities of drugs to high school students. But whatever. Like I said, it turned out to be a movie about suicide and what I can only assume is a satire against the drug-obsessed America today. Who knows. Ashleigh loved the movie. It wasn't what I expected and I hate surprises. But I liked this one. I was hoping it would have a non-make-you-cry ending and just sort of leave you hanging like life really does. I keep wanting to watch one of those movies or read one of those type of books, but there always has to be a resolution for us to feel satisfied in the dinner of life.

In other news, I brought back the OK Go of like 9th grade. When they were good, remember?

And my external hard drive is on the fritz, literally. I'm not sure if you've ever heard exactly what the "fritz" sounds like, but it is my external hard drive. Come over and it'll play you a tune.

And the lyric "girls used to follow me around then I got cold" is stuck in my head.
Ashleigh and I played this game where we both have our ipods on and we put it on shuffle until we find a song we know the other person will know and then we write down a random lyric from that song and let the other person read it and try to guess what song it was. We wrote all of this down on the 1.69 legal pad I bought at the airport when we were dropping Lauren off today (which should be a blog in itself, but you all know the details from the last one any way).
My favorite one was when I wrote "the state looks down on sodomy" and Ashleigh didn't know what sodomy was so she goes "the state looks down on sodomy" really loudly and I was like "Shut Up!" (I wrote that on the paper) because I didn't want my parents to hear. Then "What's sodomy"... it was a good trip.
ok so apparently I'm "sick in the head" for choosing that specific lyric. Please, if you will, note "What's my age again" by Blink-182. And that was the phrase that popped up.
Jamie is the meanest person in the whole world.

Annnnd Mmbop just came on my new iPod. Which, by the way is iLove. <333 (yes, I'm a 13 year old scene child)

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