Thursday, December 25, 2008


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well this thing here is something I found. It's pretty neat, but apparently they're shutting down the website before the end of the year. So that doesn't leave you much time if you're bored and you've never been to the website. I guess you play it. It has random songs none of you will like. But go for it if you're bored.

I had a little run today but it wasn't very eventful. It was nice, being Christmas and all, not to have all of those creepy mexechan men leering at me. I really don't like them. I do, however, like how friendly everyone was today. I got so many "Merry Christmas" comments.

Can I just repeat how annoying the word "honey" is. Like really?

And I want to make shrinky dinks. Anyone with me?

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde

We're watching some movie about Egypt and some nonsense I don't understand because I'm reading random blogs/writing this blog (hence the reason it's so scattered). Ashleigh and Lauren are eating their weight in chocolate squares while I'm eating my weight in Ferrero Rocher's. ANNNDD you should see the SUPASIZE box of Ferrero's that my dad got me for Christmas. Then my mom proceeded to buy me MORE. Ashleigh is making French Onion soup and I think my dad's random friend is coming over after dinner, I'm not sure why though. My Dad just said "no more eating". He either thinks we are fat or underestimates our stomach's. I mean, Dad, we're never full, ever.

Ok, is there really a point to 24 hours of A Christmas Story? No, I can't say there is. In the age of Tivo and DVR we can, if we so chose, record anything we want. So we don't need 24 hours of the same movie. Not like I've ever seen the whole thing at once. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but TBS could have so many other movies.

Lauren got a new camera, she doesn't like it. I got the pod and it's love. But I guess we knew that already. It's taking me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get my music on it though because my computer is so awk and all of my music is on my external hard drive so it's a good time all in all, if you were wondering. I got a purse, some sweet suns (that look terrible on me but they're the cool 70's looking ones that I've been trying to find), some shirts and money. I guess it was a good Christmas. The rents went overboard, but don't they always. I keep wondering how long they're going to get us presents and stupidly pretend that we believe in Santa. The childlike bliss can't last forever. Ashleigh is doing the small stepper machine next to me and it's very irritating (ohyes, it's making a comeback).

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