Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'd promise you anything for another shot at life

I'm coming apart at the seams. Pitching myself as leads in other people's dreams. Like buzz, buzz, buzz.
So apparently my favorite song is not "hey eddada, I'm undeniable" it's "editor, I'm undeniable"

I mean:
Fell out of bed.
butterfly bandage.
but don't worry.
you'll never remember your head is far too blurry.

Jamie it totally seems as though I'm copying you... But I didn't think about anything on my run (well that's a lie) but this song, mostly. And my mom is sitting next to me and she's humming it. How she knows it is beyond me. Oh I blast it in the bathroom all day. And she's wearing these new boots she bought herself for Christmas with her sweat pants. She might need to detox just to retox.
God I hate the way I hear things:
I thought: Perfect boys with their perfect price

It really says:
Imperfect boys
with their perfect ploys.

I'm trying to upload pictures to my ipod but I'm not sure if it's working. If it's attached to my computer I can never be sure if it's working though. Like when I was running today the pod kept stopping in the middle of a song and then skipping like three songs in advance. Maybe someone can shed some light...

So we (Jamie, Ash and I) were in Target today (no good on the stalking front, like what the hell?) and we were in the pajama section and all the sudden the power went out. And for some reason when that happens you get all of these horrible thoughts flowing through your head like "shit someone is going to kill us all" or "OMG we're going to die" all the bad things you can possibly think when shit like that happens. But it was ok. They got the generators up and running, or so I assume because we left.

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