Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'd promise you anything for another shot at life (part 2)

Wellll it's New Year's Eve and I'm like blah, or so you could say.
I was thinking about what my new year's resolutions will be and I have not a complete list but hurr goes some of it:
1. Run at least 2 times a week.
2. Get a 3.2 on my next semester's GPA.
3. Dye my hair.
4. Nose ring (most likely not seeing as I've wanted one for two years and have yet to get one)
5. Get a job.
6. Find some where to live!
7. Not be so sucky.
8. Not listen to the pod all the time...(yeahh right)

I guess there should a... for lack of a better word "better" list. But that's all I can come up with right now. I guess I have more in the back of my head that I know will never come true because I'm lame. Who knows.
And since 2008 was such a shitteous year, I can only imagine that 2009 Will be the same. Even though the shitty parts come in waves. Except my theory is blown because if I followed the mathematical formula in my head, some horribly traumatic even would have had to have happened sometime in November. But I rather enjoyed November. No I take that back, my theory is perfect. I forgot that November and January are extremely close together. Because we all know with the new year brings such misfortune and misery. Nothing a little food poisoning can't cure though, eh? So to recap: my life is sucky all the time placed with equally timed traumatic events that alter my life. If you didn't get that. Hello melodramatic. In some ways it's like the Myans, only on a slightly less dramatic scale.

And I guess technically I have nothing to recap because you all know 60% of the details of my life anyway. OR at least every monotonous event that happened to me this year. I wonder if I will run out of blogs this year. you can only have 999 posts and I've got 536. So I doubt it. And I don't even know if that's true or if I'm making it up. And I probably am.

But thanks for sticking with me and my lame life you dedicated readers. Even though there are only about 5 of you. Maybe one day one of you will go insane and I can give you advice. Even though no one ever takes mine because no one ever wants advice.
Well anyway

I'll see you in church :]

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  1. i'll see you in church? lol who reads your blog? ms a? ms alcantara? ms reuter? angela? lmaoooooo