Saturday, December 6, 2008

we go together like winter and a sweater.

Uhh god, Jamie. You made me obsessed with The Maine Christmas EP thing. It's embarrassing. I'm a little upset because I think I'm getting sick. Perfect timing of course, right in the middle of finals. But I'm sure its just awkward post-wake up blahness. I'm not sure.
Next time you feel like being rude to someone, don't. Watching people put down their best friend is really disturbing. I'm continually amazed at the rudeness of some people. And I am still at a loss to understand it. It makes no sense. If someone is your friend, they're your friend. You don't get annoyed when they call you, and you REALLY don't talk to other people about it.
That is my biggest pet peeve. If you have something to say, you shouldn't tell anyone who'll listen. That's how rumors get started (well one way).

Anyway. I hope we go pick out the tree since apparently this is Ashleigh's "last weekend" in Pittsburgh so we have to do it today. But nevertheless, I'm supa excited because I love trees. I don't like decorating them, or carrying them, or picking them out really. I mostly like the idea, and I like watching the 15 year old 105 pound boy try to put the tree on top of the Rav.

Ok so yesterday I drove myself over to good old Fox Chapel (the school where I observe) and I get there and the lady in the office goes "Oh, Mr. Mesiano isn't here today". So I was like "ummmok" and so I watched his sub. 1st period was spent in the AP U.S History class and watching them do a review by themselves where they had to look up terms. Then second period was spent watching the 9th graders take a test. So I read that whole time. I had a nice long chat with the sub the whole of 1st period though. He wanted to know where St. Mary's is so I had to awkwardly walk to the front of the classroom and point out St. Mary's on the map. I bet all of the kids were confused.

I can't believe the semester is over though. It's so creepy. And I have to stay here until the 18th. Well I guess I could leave on the 17th but my final isn't over until 3:30 so I wouldn't leave until around 5 and my mom would bitch about that. So all I have to do is most of my Ed project, a paper for Anthro then my Econ final, Anthro final and Politics final. I took my English final on Thursday, which I'm sure I failed.

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