Monday, January 12, 2009

creepy little, sneaky little fly on the wall.

Yes. Disney Channel strikes again in my heart. Or I guess my ear buds technically. Since I've been watching so much T.V lately, I fell in love with Miley's "Fly On the Wall" and Demi's "La La Land" which I bought on iTunes since Jamie failed and didn't buy the cd in the first place (I'm kidding). But I've listened to Fly at least 20 times today. I was going to work out this morning but a.) it's wayyyyyy too cold out to go running and b.) apparently you can't Greek sign into Towers until 12 so that was embarrassing and I'm too freaked out to go to the gym by myself so I was just going to go in the workout room.

I mean if you only knew what I talked about when I'm with my friends hanging out.

And my other favorite song of the week is called "Online Songs" by blink. Look and listen. It's good. I listen to the lamest musak. But clearly I'm ok with it. Western Civ II was thrilling today. And that wasn't sarcasm. I was very into it. Hell yes Bubonic Plague! I'm getting slightly more used to waking up when it's still dark outside, but not much. Maybe I'll get to the point where I can be one of those cute old people who make tea and watch the sun rise. Even though I'll be in class when that takes process.

I just got back from Target. We drove all the way over there because they had Doritos on sale for 2 for 4$. So, yeah, it's that important. I need to feed my habit. And I bought the jumbo size Shockers box. They were out in SMC. Thank god Pittsburgh comes in handy sometimes. But not often. More so than SMC. I just wish it would stop snowing. I am over snow.

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