Friday, January 30, 2009

cut away, cut away.

Well, I must say that the weather outside is frightful, but my dear it is NOT delighful. Driving home with about 6% visibility is not the time of your life. Then walking down a hill with winds going about 30 miles an hour with huge flakes of snow flying in your face is not pleasant. I mean... Pittsburgh, I've had just about enough. Like yesterday, it took me about 10 mintues to chop the ice (yes, chop, not scrape) off my car and this was after I discovered all 5 of my doors were frozen shut so I had to rub my ands all over it to open it. And attempt to pry it open. uhh. I hate commuting. Why am I doing it again next year?
Well I thought I'd keep you updated on the things I hate... well here they are

Things that aren't fine in 2009
1. When girls wear rain boots in the snow. Now this is probably a better idea technically. But it just bothers me just as much

2. Constant snow and slipping tires.

3. When you're put in the same category as "amazing" with someone who clearly isn't.

4. My aching teeth.

5. Going to the gym and having people a.) stare at you or b.) take the treadmill right next to you when there are ten other ones open.

6. When people sing when I'm around.

7. People that think theirs is the only opinion that matters.

8. When people look me in the eyes.

9. Participation.

10. Blizzards (not the kind from DQ)

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