Monday, January 26, 2009

happiness is awarmgun

So I have to write a paper that I have no idea what to write about. I think I might die. I have my least favorite class at 6 so I have to write this paper before then..........
I had this dream last night that I killed someone. Well it was Ash, this girl in my sorority and me. But I'm not sure if we killed them or if we just found them dead and saw the murder. I remember trying to hide the whole dream. Like running away from the cops.
The lady next to me is having a really hard time finding the right chair to sit in at the computer lab.
I was on the treadmill today and when I was done I went to get a paper towel and some of that cleaning solution to wipe it down with. So I was in mid-action when I hear someone go "hey" and oh man it was my professor from the class I was just in. So he asked me how I enjoyed torturing myself. And I said I enjoyed it very much.

oh so I took my comptuer to get looked at and they didn't fix it. 50 dollars of nothing.

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