Thursday, January 29, 2009

hello, my treacherous friends

Ok. So I was just the first person to finish my test. I was done about ten minutes before I actually turned in my test. But I've never in my life been the first person to be done with a test, and while I feel extremely smart, it felt so awkward being the first one up. I really have no idea what is taking everyone so long. I mean the test wasn't easy but it wasn't "killer" like the man said. I added it up and I only got 30 out of 36 on the multiple choice. But I'm mad because there were only 12. This man clearly did not take any education classes because he needs to learn how to write a test. My essay was only half a page but at least I think I got most of the 40 some definitions right. Thank goodness for my strange ability to memorize foreign words... I bet I still got a lot wrong. You know I did. This is me we're talking about here.

I'm on another OK Go kick (the first CD) I really need to get the newest one. I bought this The Secret Handshake EP thing because I hate spending money on a whole CD, this song by Matt Nathanson or Nate Mattheson or something like that called "Come On Get Higher" that I heard on Pandora the other day, the acoustic version of "Coffee Shop Soundtrack" and last but not least some song I can't remember the name of by Timbaland and the Hives. Sorry. My boots smell really bad and I need to de-stink them but I forgot my wallet so #1 I can't buy the book I need and that I was supposed to read for Writing History and #2 I hope I don't get hungry, because I'm not eating until 4... I forgot everything, really. I blame it on the fact that I wasn't able to watch my bi-weekly dose of Sister, Sister. I had to leave at 7, not 7:30 this morning because I had the test and I needed to study and also because I thought the roads were going to be bad. They weren't even that bad though. I mean they weren't nice, but I was still hoping for a delay. I'm hoping for a cancellation because it's been snowing non-stop since I got here. You know with my luck that's not going to happen.
Last night there was a beautiful accident outside of my apartment. No one got hurt, I don't think. Well anyway, this car was all "oh I can make it up the hill" and then they got 15 feet up and they thought bad idea. So they attempt to turn around in the middle of the hill. And they get turned around pretty much and are slowly gliding down the hill when out of nowhere this Jetta or Toyota something blue car comes flying down the hill, and when I say flying I mean at least 45 when if you go faster than 6 miles an hour you're dead. So he's going, going, going wayyy too fast and he sees the red car stopped at the light because it's red so he way ishe stopping. And I guess he panicked (and I would have done the same thing) but he turns the steering wheel to the left and runs into the other lane onto the sidewalk, hitting the stoplight post and ruining his door. The best part was he almost decapitated (haha) a pedestrian, who had to jump out of the way. That was hilarious, just watching this man jump out of the way. But don't fear, I got it all on tape. I really should start a youtube channel of mishaps on S. Negely. I'm trying so hard to not laugh at the thought of it.

Well, I had a dream last night. I really should stop writing down my dreams because some day one of you are going to psychoanalyze me and be all Freud and ruin my life. But I can't tell you what happened. But it was about someone I don't like and we were at my grams (always this situation, I wonder why) in an attic that was not her attic. I think Ash was in the attic too. There was a rolly chair and a milk crate. My whole family was there, we ate dinner and the whole shebang. I got a lot of pleasure out of this dream, which sounds slightly masochistic, it's not. Ok that whole sentence is wrong, but you know what I mean. Then I woke up at 5:51 even though my dream was not over. So I thought that I got enough sleep, you know, waking up 9 minutes early. Nope I'm fighting back sleep. I might need to get a Clockwork Orange get-up to keep my eyes open.

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  1. that video made my life complete hahaha seriously. why would you ever just randomly record the street and get that lucky? twice!i love the screaming OH RED CAR GET OUT OF THE WAY!