Monday, January 5, 2009

i must confess...

First of all, who ever was wondering America's Suitehearts says "You could have knocked me out with a (feather)"

I'm really into Rooney at the moment. Well mostly just "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?". I'm also really into downloading music videos for my ipod.
Youtube can give you the answers to anything. Any question, there is a video to help you through it. It's like the crystal ball of advice or computer geekage. I think I ate a small planet today. Why does Tyson Ritter always look like he's on drugs?
Oh I love the House Bunny. It did not live up to expectations but it was still rather amusing and I quote it every five minutes. I can't get over it.

It's only January 5th and I've already made two horribly awful decisions. I am crazy. It's the whole moratorium thing. I hope I spelled that right. It's never on the Internet but I swear I've learned about it in Psychology.

Everything about my computer is bum. Like horribly bad. It wouldn't let me delete things today because there wasn't enough memory to delete them. Not like I understand why you need room to delete things but I also know nothing about computers. Ahh life is such a nutshell.

I DO NOT want to go back to school. I did nothing today but sit around. I went for an extremely short run and I drove Ashleigh to school and dropped books off at the library. And other than that I watched so much T.V I can't even see right now. Maybe tomorrow I won't wake up at 10:30. I didn't plan on it but I'm so tired for some reason. I went to bed around 12 last night so I should probably stop sleeping so much or just practice getting up at 6 so I can make it to class on time...

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