Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i take trips from hip to hip

Annnndd I really don't want to start school tomorrow. My tech Ed teacher feels the need to send us "voice emails" I mean, really. Just because you have the technology doesn't mean you need to use it. It's not like anyone in this class is blind and/or can't read. And to make it worse the message is frozen on my screen. I keep pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and it won't go away. I click the X and it won't go away. I click "cancel" and it makes a dinging sound. Who knows.It's like, but not really anything like, when people use the handicap door open button. That makes me so mad. It's just like you're slapping the handicapped people in the face. We are all perfectly capable of opening a door on our own but when people push that button I have to say something. Only if I know them though. Haha right, Jamie? Well yeah. It's degrading to the persons with a disability who need that button to open the door. If you're a mom with a stroller or something like that. But then you should just pray that there is still one polite person left in the world who will stand there and open the door for you. And it's probably not me because every time I attempt to do something like that it ends up badly. Like the person is one of those people that have to do everything by themselves.
I am really mad that Amanda Lorber of 'The Paper" is going to London tomorrow. I mean really. Her boyfriend is taking her there. What the hell?

Can we just stare in awe at this picture?

so this is my photoblog daily lunch menu.

which will only take place one time aka today. this tastes a lot better if you use green peppers and douse it in Caesar (but doesn't everything taste better that way?). You'd be surprised. Switch to green pepper and it tastes really good. I don't know what the key is. maybe to use a lot of soy sauce and to get your rice to stick together. It used to turn out a lot better.

Please note the fact that I cleaned the stove like mad last night. I scrubbed it and everything. I clean when I'm bored. And sitting alone in an apartment for 4 days really starts to add up on the boredom factor. Oh but I'm really not that bored. I think I'm one of the only people that could be alone for this long and not go crazy. I only get bored when Ashleigh is around and she's looking over my shoulder or nagging me about something. And there is always something to nag about, let me tell you.

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  1. love the nagging, love the caesar on everything, love the....dont know. sorry about being a lazy POS in your eyes. lol i dont evne know why i hit it. it takes longer....