Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i trip over everything you say

I'm back. In a slightly less exciting way. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm in the bloggin' mood right now and I haven't been in quite some time. I was falling asleep in Global Sociology all morning and I think he noticed. It was extremely embarrassing when he was talking to the girl behind me but he was staring at me and she wasn't saying anything so I just started to talk and he wasn't talking to me. So like, whoa.

Wearing a dress today was a horrible idea. I do have leggings on but they don't help any due to the fact that they're ripped in the thighs. You know when you're fat and your legs rub together? yeah well these leggings are from freshman year and I run in them. In fact, I found them in the hamper so they probably stink. But anyway, it's cold and I hate it. I really never want to see snow again until I start teaching in SMC and school will always be cancelled. In conclusion, I hate snow and formal chapter meetings. But who likes them?

I really hate when you know someone but they don't say hi... what's up with that? When ever I see someone and I feel like being nice and not changing my route, I at least look up and smile. But I'm walking with you. Hello, how are you? And apparently my car is not equipped for snow. I slip every time I turn a corner...it's slightly depressing.

My shoes are soaking wet. They're suede and they're getting the library chair all messed up. But I don't really care because this chair is orange vinyl, I think the dirt from my shoe is a nice touch. That's what I hate about duq... Get some chairs that haven't been on campus since 1968. I'm sitting in a green one. I have to say I like them. Like at my GoGo's house I never noticed that her closet was orange because it used to be my mom and my aunts room and the whole thing was orange, so when I get home I'm doing that. Maybe I'll have another 70's phase. Break out the J5. I really don't think I can sit through 4 hours of straight class right now. I'm just too tired. I know I'll fall asleep during Psych because I sit in a corner he can't really see and he turns the lights off. I think I'm going to get an A in Western Civ. Not in Ed though. What is my life coming to? Why can't I do well in my Ed classes?

You know when you open a yogurt and it pops everywhere? Yeah that just happened all over the 2nd floor of the Gumberg. So on Sunday I had the most massive headache that I think I've ever had in a long time. And I wanted to take a bath because even though that doesn't help at all, if you completely submerge yourself it feels good. So anyway my bathtub's drain is broken and it won't stop draining water. So I took Jamie's advice and put a washcloth in the drain which worked just fine I just kept feeling it on my foot and it felt like kelp or something. And my bathroom is freezing so that didn't feel good. And you have to run the water until it's almost at the top of the tub. God I just want to go home. I was thinking I want to go to Maryland home but at this point I just want a bed. I think I'm going to go to Towers after class and sleep in someones bed or something. I could fall asleep right now in this putrid green chair but then I'd never wake up and I'd miss class and get charged for having this laptop out for more than three hours. I have a GAMMA meeting at 4:30 and the new president is like fining chapters if they don't have two representatives at EVERY meeting. Like what is that. I consider myself and active member of GAMMA and I've only been to about 6 meetings in the last two years. Who knows. I don't want to be the reason we get fined. I wonder how long this is going to last...

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