Thursday, January 8, 2009

you can sit beside me when the world comes down

I would just like to point out the fact that it is only 9:06 in the morning and I've already been up for three hours. Well I woke up at 6 then I layed in bed until 6:15. And I was like "sleeeeep for 15 more minutes" but my head was dancing. Like literally there was a person in my head dancing. Between my eyes and my neck. Ok that probably sounds really weird but I'm still a little deranged from having to wake up so early. Honestly. What is this. I have class at 8. And I need to recap my professor for a second. He is one of those uber-liberals who is was too obsessed with foreign films and we have to watch 5 on Wednesday night, no less. I feel like he can't do that. Honestly. I give my life to to Duquesne. And it gives very little back. He was up there having a conversation with himself. Very typical of a liberal. He was knocking Palin. I mean whatever. But just the way he said it. He kept referring to traveling around the India with his parents when he was younger "knocking around India" or something of that nature. I meannnnnnnn. Ok, whatever. And it's a 100 level class but he kept saying how his tests were "killer". And how on the tests we have to memorize about 30 words from another language that they talk about in the textbook. Ok, no.

My morning was nightmarish. Ok I know that's like my theme this week. Nightmares just follow me around, and apparently I haven't gotten cold yet. Anyway. So I wake up and all goes well. I get outside, it's snowing like a bitch. And I live on this hill. I kid you not when I say it's around a 75 degree angle and I'm walking up it and I get about a foot up the hill from the sidewalk that leads to my building and I start slipping down the hill because it's a sheet of ice. I'm thinking in my head "fuck" because there are all of these cars of hopeless people driving to work passing me by and it's extremely embarrassing because I slid about a foot back down the hill. My only hope was to grab onto the bush that died a few months ago with its thorns poking my un-gloved hand. So this bush is bending under my weight and I'm still trying to climb up the sidewalk, excuse me, iceberg. So I had to walk the rest of the way up the hill in the snow once I could get around the bush and off the sidewalk. Then I get to the car and the parking lot, surprise, is a sheet of ice as well. Thankfully it stopped snowing last night at like 12:30 when I got back from picking my friend up from the airport, so my car wasn't covered in snow. And it's a lot of fun trying to back out on a sheet of ice when you're mere inches away from the cars on both sides of you because no one in my parking lot can park their cars. And I came close to hitting the cars at least three times it was not what you call a "good time". Then I'm on my way to school and my windshield is a tad dirty. I use the windshield fluid and it freezes all over my windshield so I'm driving blind for a like a fourth of a mile. I left my apartment around 6:55 and I get to school at 7:09. And this left me quite a long time to a.) sit in my car or b.) sit in my classroom. But thankfully I know someone in that class.
Last night I was getting gas because I was on empty and it was clearly a necessity and I was at Shell. I was on the phone with Uge and when I pulled up I was like "Oh great, I'm the only white person here" and while that sounds a tad racist, it was true. Everyone was black. So I get out of my car and a toothless man comes up to me and is all "Excuse me, miss, I haven't eaten in a few days and I'm pumping gas and washing windows for a few bucks". And I was all "ohh um I'll get my gas and I'll see what I can do. So I pump my gas and he tries to get some money off some other person. And I go dig in my purse and all I have is a 5 a ten and a twenty. Clearly I'm not that nice. I really thought I had a dollar and I fully intended on giving him a dollar or two but not a 5. Five dollars = eating for a week. So he walked back over to me and washed my back window. And not like he did a good job, he just wiped off the snow with his hand and just made it worse. So I felt bad but I had to make up some bullshit excuse about only having one 20 and having to pay for parking at the airport overnight or something. It was a good lie but he gave me the death stare. Like the reason for his poverty was all on my shoulders. I really thought he slashed my tires when I wasn't looking or he stole my wallet somehow. I don't think he did. I guess we'll have to see later if anything happens. Well that was scary though. I drove off and he wouldn't really move so I had to awkwardly back out around him. I bet if I hit him he would have killed me.

Ok this only took up 20 minutes of my time. I have until 12:15 to wait because my tech class is cancelled. And I love the new AAR cd. There is this song with Leanne Rhymes or how ever you spell her name. And if it's not her, it sounds a lot like her. But I really like it.

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