Wednesday, January 21, 2009

promise me she's not your world.

So I thought of a few more things.
Number one:
My dream. I dream about the same thing at least twice a week. It's getting better. It's not a recurring dream they just all have the same theme. I don't even remember what was happening but it was a house, again. They all take place in a house that is no one I know of's. I think this time it was part GoodWill. But that was just the party involved. Not sure. There was a lot of red and moving around like Carrie May in The House Bunny. And I remember the house/GoodWIll was divided into two rooms one where I lived and one where the other family in my dream lived. Then my second dream consisted of New Year's Eve at the same place I was really at, but a different place... you know what I mean. It was a house/barish type place. And someone told me that the weather was going to get really really bad and had me get everyone out of the house. But for some reason Denise, Vince, Eric and I stayed with the owners of the house, who I didn't know. But then Vince and Eric were in the driveway playing basketball and Denise and I were watching these amazing fireworks and it was funny because one of us totally said "these fireworks are even better than Hollywood's" But we just watched them for a few minutes and they were really amazing. There was one of a bike that was in process when Ashleigh woke me up. It was a really sweet bike too.

Fireworks To see fireworks in your dream, symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, and talent. It may also indicate that you are showing off and making a spectacle of yourself. Alternatively, it represents release of some pent up or repressed feelings.

I don't think the first part is right.

Number two:
So for your information, making a gradebook and giving the people you hate the most 54.4%'s feels a lot better than making a paper voodoo doll or just blogging about how much you hate them. I seriously was cracking up in the middle of the library because it's so funny. I mean, it's really not...but it is. Try it. Give all of your bif's 99.6%'s and it feels good. I'm not really sure why though.

Number 3:
So last night I had to watch this movie called The Host and I wasn't looking forward to it because it was Korean and I thought it was going to be black and white Korean version of Godzilla from the old days. But it wasn't. It did have subtitles which didn't bother me as much as I thought they would. It started our pretty good and then continued to be ok. I was just really into it then it got sort of lame. And I'm really dumb but I didn't understand why they called it the host because it wasn't like things were feeding off of this creepy water monster or anything. Apparently it had a "virus" that got on the main character and he had to be quarantined but the host stole his daughter and she called him from her cell phone from the sewer that she was in and the main character Guang-du or something and his dad, brother and sister all escaped the hospital to try to find her. Of course I had chapter so I had to leave like 20 minutes before it was over, but whatever. I never found out if they lived, which I can only assume they did (except for the dad who died).

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