Tuesday, January 6, 2009

is it wrong if i think it's lame to dance?

I've been watching so much Lifetime that I know the commercials by heart. I was in my room and Ashleigh turned the TV on and the commercial said "Every one wants them" and then I said along with the TV "But no one can keep them". And Ash says "I think you've been watching too much Lifetime"... I need a man so I can bash him. And get the full effect of the "Man-bashing Channel" as my Dad calls Lifetime. I don't watch the movies it's just the entire morning of Will and Grace, Fraiser and Desperate Housewives. I'm going to attempt to watch a moive.

I feel like someone died or some tragic event just happend because I've been sitting on the couch watching TV for the past three days. I did, however, exit the house today to go shopping. And that means GoodWill and Giant Eagle Market District. That last part seemed sort of trippy.
1. When they say "Super" market they mean it. We couldn't find anything.
2. When we were at the self-checkout I was just digging in my over-sized bag to find 19 cents, some scary black man came over and scanned his "fix everything" card the checkout people have. I was extremely confused because our help light wasn't blinking or anything. Then he just awkwardly was like "oh..ummm" and walked away.
3. Some lady tripped
4. I went on a four day trek with this small black worker lady to try to find a candle for my new snazzy candle holder. She told me this whole story about another lady who tried to find the same candle but couldn't...or something. I'm not sure
5. We were buying ground meat and some man told us he was excited because he get to eat macaroni and ground meat tonight for dinner, like he had when he was a little kid...

that just sounds so unappealing

So here is my GoodWill find for 01/06/2009:

And our brand new Glade candle:

Which smells really good by the way. Our apartment stinks. Number one because Ashleigh did this to the popcorn:

And I still ate half of it... Burnt is my favorite flavor, after all.

And number two it smells like gas and old trash. We're such men.

And to show more of Ashleigh's misfortunes this was her attempt to make curtains for our lovely Apartment:

Please note they're like two or three inches short of the window ledge...

And now I am going to attempt to make dinner. Even though Ashleigh will be home in like two hours and I just started so dinner will be either epic fail and or way too early. I'll photog it when I'm done.

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