Sunday, January 11, 2009

why am i still hanging around when i know it brings me down. i'm hating everything

The thing I hate more than people taking my parking spot is not even making a dent in someones retelling of life. That probably makes no sense but that is the way I want it. If it makes no sense to you, then it can't mean much to me. And that IS the way I want it. And since I never really get anything I want.

Like You've Got Mail aka Meg Ryan's second best performance to date. I think she is amazing in most aspects of her acting career. She could be my hero. Along with Sharpay Evans, Richard Nixon, Holden Caulfield and Mark Chapman. These probably are some of the worst people to be my heroes but I like to look up to the failures. It is so easy to fail miserably, but these people do it with style. They are crazy and depressed and at some points, retarded. But that also is the way I like it. Every one has their mom as their hero or Jackie Kennedy Onassis or Princess Diana or Gandhi. But really, that gets old after awhile. You have to root for the slightly deranged, extremely unfortunate person. They need it more than the typical "heroes" need it.

And personal style should be optional. I mean I'm all for clones but people can't change over night. Life NEVER works out like it does in the movies and I think settling is a perfect option. Striving for greatness is so tired. I like mediocrity and there doesn't seem to be too much of a problem. You don't need to flatter me with your fake compliments to make me feel insecure about my image in the first place. At least I know what I am.

I can't stand the people that try to be something else. Now I know I'm being a hypocrite but just go with me on this. Like why, if you were a bitch who thought you were better than everyone, would you try to come across as not that. No one really cares if you think uber highly of yourself. Because if you do, then you do. There is no changing that. Or if you're awkward and shy, be awkward and shy. Don't try to be outgoing when you're not. I really am a horrible person. I have a plethora of problems. One being that I like to surf the Internet like a Nazi on patrol to find exciting pictures so here they are:

This is one stylish chick. She is fat so fuck off everyone. I wish I could dot my eyebrows like that. I feel like, if that is makeup, not tattoos, that this would be way too much times spent on personal style in the morning. I'm a 5 minute type of person these days.

I am all for not caring what other people think of you in most ways. But when you wear things like this, you should be put in jail. I wish I had that much confidence is all I have to say. I would never be able to pull this look off quite like she does. Maybe the moon boots will come back in style some day.

My future if I don't stop this one bag of Doritos a day habit.

This just gave me a chuckle. Enough of the social commentary on the overweight female population of America. Because I am one of them, I have the means to go on and on about that for days. But I just like the thought of this man wiping out and epic failing that I decided to brighten your day with it. And that's depressing. Sorry.

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