Saturday, February 14, 2009

i like to be alone but i hate the sound of silence

ok so some quotes from last night that i don't remember fully:

"you're such a bitch, shut up"- Shaant to some hoe in the balcony.

Marissa and I walk by Burger King:
"Mmbop bip ba dop if I do bop." -drunk 13 year old boys

Boy- "You're a girl. You're supposed to know how to blow"
Girl- "You wish you knew"
Boy- "No. Noo, I really don't"

Boy- "You'll have to excuse me, my ability to stand is slightly impared"

Boy- "Yeahhh *High Five*"
Girl- "Ballin'" *No High Five*

Boy- "She's a little off her rocker right now"

Girl- "Take her home first, come back and get me"
famous last words.

Girl-"I like the way you say 'poop'-- 'pOOOp'"

hahah. mr.beautiful & the shaant look alike <3
being sober is so much more fun when everyone else is drunk.

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