Thursday, February 12, 2009

i'm going to play some heavy metal wishing you would die.

I think I found my anthem. It's called "Troublmaker" by Weezer. I'm too embarrassed to plug my pod into my computer to see how many times I've listened to it.

I think I should share my day.
First I wake up to trees slamming into my window, oh and my alarm clock, so I press snooze. I shower and I get scared because I feel like my apartment is going to blow over because I can feel the wind through my not-very-protectant window in the shower. So I get out and get ready, then at 7 I watch some Sister, Sister where Tia and Tamera get lost on a bus and Lisa made Ray pay 650 dollars to get her cat Ray's urinary tract infection under control. I had some frozen blueberries and called it a morning. I walked out to the car, almost getting blown over. Apparently the winds were 60 miles an hour in Fayette county this morning. I'm not sure if that's possible and I don't know where Fayette County is but whatever. I drive to school, almost get hit by a bus, then drove into a flock of birds. I think one might still be under my car unless it made a speedy get away before the Rav sucked it up. I parked, walked to my 8 am, learned about Mexico via the problems in Medieval Europe. Sat in the Library and looked for jobs that I'm never going to get. Went to my tech class group session. Turned in my Field Experience application then went to Psych. I sit down in Psych and it dawns on me that it's Thursday and I didn't write a journal and it's my groups turn to talk to him about our journals. So I get up and walk to my car. I felt like such a rebel. Then I was all going to work out but then I decided against it and now I'm here, in the Library writing this blog telling Jamie about how I cut my hair two weeks ago since I neglected to tell her then. I think my back is sweating. I'm so nasty. Marissa and I are going to go down to South Side after my 1:40 class. And then I'll work out. Oh I have roots now. I feel like the lady sitting in front of me. But her hair is half black half blond and mine isn't that bad.

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  1. ya bitch im still mad about u not telling me about ur new hair! lol