Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm mess and you're worse

oh guess what.
my day is bad
i dont feel like writing about it but here goes
everything went wrong
i'm not sure why
i'm happy for one specific reason and i'm so fucking creepy sometimes i feel like i should be locked up. or put in a mental hospital for my revertion back to 3rd grade. because they handle themselves in certain situations better than i do. my fucking backpack strikes again, just let me tell you. twice today. whatttttt
ok and so i'm driving out of the parking garage and usually you can just all go under the gate without much trouble. but today i went right after someone and the gate stopped going up in the middle of it so i'm all "fuck" out loud and i try to back up so i could shimmy my car to go around it but the person honks at me like i didn't know there was someone behind me. so i just sit there for a few seconds not knowing what to do i start to move closer but the gate doesn't go up anymore so i just turn the wheel all the way and i pretty much drove over the median trying to go around the gate. i can't describe it and its prob not that bad it just added to the day. i hate tuesdays more than i hate certain other days which i can't think of right now. and i'm pissed for oh so many reasons and now i get to go watch a stupid Brazilian movie. whoo hoo. and then even better, go to chapter. whahahl;sdkfjas;dlfjs plgkjas;dlfjas;lgihero[tjas;elfnkmasdfkgha[sdjasd;lfkmnasd;iljasdgkljasd;fjklasd;flkj . thank you everyone for looking at me when i did that.

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