Monday, February 23, 2009

it's a luscious mix of words and tricks.

So I was reading Cosmo and it told me several ways to feel better and one of them was to send an email to your best friends to tell them how amazing they are:

I really don't like when songs are sentimental but Rite of Spring by Angels & Airwaves does it so well, while still being cheesy but oh so great.

The summers gone, the years have passed,
My friends have changed, a few did last,
The smallest dreams got pushed aside,
The largest ones that changed my life,
And all I wish for was come to pass
From rock and roll, to love and cash
It’s all success if it’s what you need
Do what you like and do it honestly

If I had a chance for another try,
I wouldn’t change a thing
It's made me all of who am inside
And if I could thank god
That I am here, and that I am alive
And everyday I wake I tell myself a little harmless lie
The whole wide world is mine

So in reality, I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Who would send me texts that would make me lol in the middle of the parking garage with my headphones on and a whole bunch of people looking at me like I was insane? I'd be bored.

But on the summer note: come quickly, please.
I can't take the cold. I hate school but I realized again tonight that I'm not the only one to have a shitty life and I'm not the only one with way too many papers and tests in the same week. So I'm sorry that I'm so selfish and all I do is rant about how much work I have. I'll try to stop, but it won't happen.

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