Friday, February 6, 2009

my clothes don't fit this season, i'm cold and that's the reason.

Actually I think it’s because I’m fat- and THAT is the reason.
I have a few things to say and by the time I get about 50 words into this blog I’ll probably have forgotten everything I planned to say.
First off, I am really embarrassed now because I was listening to my ipod while I was opening up and so I couldn’t hear that the music on this laptop was on the highest setting. So I’m sitting here in the library and everyone is looking at me and I have no idea why then I turn of my pod and I see the problem. One of the reasons I like the cab so much is probably because Patrick Stump AND Brendan Urie (who I would die for..) sings half of one of the songs, “One Of THOSE Nights”. If Patrick sings, I will listen. Even if it’s a song about poop or sewers or something, I will love it. I really want to take Denise to see FOB for her birthday…how would that be? Except it’s right in the middle of finals, is that embarrassing that I care less about my education than seeing Fall Out Boy for the 3rd time. Sometimes I get embarrassed of my obsession but the only reason that people who like that kind of music don’t like FOB is because they “sold out” when really they just got famous and they can’t help that 13 year old girls (and 20 year old girls) are obsessed with them. But this is coming from a person who clearly doesn’t give much of a hoot what people think about their music choice seeing as I went to a Jonas Brothers concert.
1. Why would you work out in jeans?
2. Why, if you are fat, would you read Fitness magazine while you work out.
3. How in the world can you work out while watching Ellen or not even listening to any form of music.
4. How is it possible to work out in sweatpants and a sweatshirt while running.
5. Why do you need to go to the machine right next to me?
6. Why would you not clean off your machine before I use it? I don’t want your nasty sweat all over my hands.
But in all reality, I hate working out. I just keep getting fatter and I’m not gaining muscle weight. I would give up but I like doing it sometimes. And I figured out that if you just run at a faster speed the 2 miles will be over a lot faster. I haven’t found anything for the 35 minutes on the elliptical yet. Nothing really makes that go any faster. For some reason when I’m working out my mind is somewhat blank. I usually sing whatever song is playing or I read the subtitles on whatever show I’m watching. But when I need to not be thinking about anything, aka while I’m reading Soul By Soul, I would really like to have a blank mind. Or at least a mind that can focus on the slave trade in antebellum New Orleans. Which, by the way, I don’t really care about.

Well my computer is hopefully going to get fixed this time for good. I took it home because I thought I could reinstall the operating system myself because I’ve done it before but it was missing a file so I thought I’d just let the “professionals” handle it. I wish I could work at the computer store. It can’t be that hard. You can usually find the answer to anything on google anyway. Who knows.

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