Friday, February 20, 2009

the road outside my house is paved with good intentions

Well I'm home right now.
I continue to scour the county for some futile hope of finding something to hold on to.
which can pretty much mean whatever you'd like it to. But I can't find anything. So I just wish that I was in Pittsburgh. I sort of like being home, when I'm alone or my friends are here. But since I'm lame and I know no one in this county (well that I want to talk to) I have to spend my nights with my sleeping mother and my awkward conversation making father. We were at Target, he doesn't like the red pants I picked out. He liked the purple ones less though. We spent 20 minutes trying to find the shoes I wanted in my size and then we looked at cameras. Music was fun. I bought some Shockers and I'll probably eat the whole 1.79 box like I always do. Whatever weight I've lost in February will be gained back tonight.
I was trying to run today but I can only run outside when I'm mad and since I don't really have anything to be mad about anymore I couldn't run. So I walked in the surprisingly frigid weather up to Belk and Penny's. I found quite a lot of things until my mom and i went up there tonight when I realized that I was fatter than a polar bear and nothing fits me. So I lost out. I got a shirt that I doubt I'll ever wear just because I have a problem. But it's all good.
The awkward conversation is crazy. It's strained like noodles, but not as tasty.
So hey, whatever.
it's life
everyone from school is going to Crush right now. Not like I really wanted to go but at least I can look at the pictures I guess. Bah.
I guess I'll just myspace/facebook for the next few hours until it seems appropriate to go to bed.
And I'm surprisingly enjoying every minute of it.

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