Monday, February 2, 2009

turn me back into the pet, that i was when we met.

I really wish I knew someone with a voice like Tom Waits. I think I would be able to listen to him forever. I don't really like Tom Waits, but just his voice. Like it's so crazy deep and calming I can't really describe it.

Anyway. Pinar Geylaini passed me today and smiled. I wanted to punch her and be like "you're a horrible teacher, I guess you weren't able to do a handwriting analysis of the TEQ because I bashed you so much you're teeth would hurt just from my words" But she gave me a C so I didn't want to say hi. I think it's so strange when professors remember you. Like I saw Rita Allison in College Hall the other day and she smiled at me. But she was my favorite professor at Duq.

And another thing really fast, why do we always feel the need to shun the abnormal? And even if you really like them, you couldn't let yourself like them. Not in a "omg you're hot, I like you" kind of way. It's just that I have no idea why I am superficial, but I am. I don't really have the right to be but I do what I can. And I wouldn't even call myself "superficial" because I've changed a lot and I talk to anyone who will talk to me and not make me feel awkward (which, by the way is a very small number of people).
I also always feel bad when I don't find certain people funny that everyone else does. And I don't laugh or even smile but everyone else is laughing their ass off. Even if I really like the person. That's probably how everyone is. But normally I laugh at everything. Maybe I find things funny that other people don't. Except my ed professor... He has this thing he does with his tongue where he rings it around the inside of his mouth but with his mouth open. I don't know if that's a very good description. But just imagine Steve Stevens from Even Stevens doing that wearing a Steelers jersey (like everyone else). But I didn't notice until this kid Matt pointed it out to me last class and now I can't look at Mr. Stevens the same. I'm just grateful he only called on me once today. Usually I'm his Guinea pig and he calls on me and makes me feel stupid like 30 times.

Apparently we're getting off school tomorrow, well after two for the parade downtown because apparently winning the Superbowl for the 6th time is like amazing shit. But I will not complain about an extra two days to finish this book. And I will do anything to get out of discussion days in Writing History 311W. I'm still bitter that about ten people told me that "oh yeah, last time the Steelers won the Superbowl we got off class the next day" What the hell, we have class today. My professor at 9 in the morning told some girl she looked hungover and asked if she was drinking last night... that was odd. then he gave us a pop quiz that I failed. I don't like surprises. I mean I think I got all of them right but when your answer choices for three of the questions are
a.)Charles I
b.) Charles II
c.) James I
d.)James II

it gets a little confusing. who knows. Now I get to go home and slave away at Soul By Soul by Walter Johnson. By the way.. don't read it. I like it enough for what it is (one of those secondary sources that you'd never think to read in your life that was written by some random historian). But I'd rather not read it. And then I have to think of a topic to write my paper on, somehow find a primary source... which will the the Feminine Mystique, by the way and not get freaked out for my meeting with my professor.

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