Sunday, February 1, 2009

you judge a song by a lot of it's tone

bah. i'm kind of mad i decided to stay with my parents last night. all i got out of the deal was a pair of jeans and a shit load of yelling. i'm a bitch, if you haven't caught on yet.

i try to compensate his lack of love with spaghetti and meatballs and a bottle of 20 dollar captain.
i say " i rock the emo sport, i rock the gothic blues, i rock to fast for love i'm footloose in my converse shoes."
what's up with faith and grace?
i don't get along with my face
the present freaks me out.

ok sorry. i have no life. i'm sitting at my grams and everyone is gone. this seems to be a trend. my go-go told me she thought i looked gothic. how did she know that was the look i was going for? i've been dying to be gothic for a few years now and i think i'm just going to give it a shot. i might even go to hot topic and buy some of those huge black pants with the hot pink, green or blue lines on the sides and pockets. you know, with all the chains? haha
i wish there was a job that was just coming up with story lines for movies and books and whatnot. i think the book i'm going to write is going to be "two syllables that ruined the world" it just sounds sweet. i have to find a meaning in the book that would be the two syllables... but i can do that at some point. i'm sort of relieved that my parents are gone. they're really hard to handle. i need to take more pictures. i feel like i'm just whoa. and i need to workout. but working out is making me fatter because i have this idea in my head that i worked out so i have all the right to eat whatever i want and then i eat a lot more.
i need some hanson right now.
i've had "you never know" stuck in my head for awhile. all through church when i was having the urge to hug Ben (the alter server with downs). oh i'm so mad at whoever drove my car last because they took away my silly putty and now i have no outlet for my autism. hahah

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  1. lol ew who keeps silly putty in their car? you're weird...and gothic. hahaha