Sunday, March 15, 2009

boys would fashion their emotions to the pattern of you heart.

well hello, this is just me being annoying.
i realized i wasn't in the best mindsets to drive when i attempted to back my car out of the parking space but managed to put the car in neutral after all. post large pizza/breadsticks, post several ounces of natural light. on the way back from southside marissa said "drunk people love to give you high-fives". yes i know. i'm just the high-five type of girl. possibly my hands that are turning blue at the finger tips are really a turn on to drunk people. i especially enjoy gay men and strawberry (see freshman year blogs) and marissa's boyfriend trying to diagnose me. everyone is a genius these days and there are several causes to this strange phenomenon known as my blue fingers. i swear it's becuase i started taking vitamin e, but there are so many other potential causes.
today, i woke up at 8, got ready and went to the parade. parades are no as exciting as previously assumed. the last one i went to was the leonardtown Christmas one we go to every year. never fun, but always exciting in some way. it was the st. patricks day parade, if you didn't get that. marissa and i almost died watching the scene (?) kids with cat ears and the mom who complained about EVERYTHING for three hours while trying to pay attention to the wonderful parade going on before our eyes. then that was done, we had breadsticks. this was post brugger's bagels that morning. then we went to one of our friends house where were apparently people mooning us from the house across the street. i wasn't in the mood for life after walking for about 6 hours, but after awhile i got into the day. and then, after donning myself two new "bigs" and a new nickname, we walked back to campus where i sat on the wing and finished by state of being with that pizza and breadsticks and a glass of H2O. then i drove home. and now i'm laying on the couch hoping there isn't a murder lurking in the background because that would be the cherry on top of my tomato of a life.

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  1. lol i swear your posts get weirder and weirder by the day