Tuesday, March 17, 2009

his smile is your rope.

first off, anon, your comment wasn't rude at all ahaha. it made me happy. i'm just crazy. i really enjoyed it much more than you'd actually think.
i like how jamie commented on one of my blogs that each one just gets stranger every post. i actually think i'm getting saner...more sane, i'm not sure.
my debacle on this foggy morning:
my alarm goes off at 6:08. i hit snooze. i hit snooze. i hit snooze. i keep hitting snooze until about 6:45 then i wake up, shower, get ready and i'm actually done by like 7:05. so i watch sister, sister and eat a grapefruit. i leave my apt at about 7:23. then i get to my car, look in my pockets and the only thing there is a condom hahah. so i call ash and she bitches at me because she doesn't want to go downstairs to bring me my keys. like a bitch. so she gets there at about 7:30 and now i'm going to be late. i put the keys in the ignition and what do you know, my gas light is on. so i make like i'm going to drive to the gas station and realize that there is no way that i'm going to make it to class even semi on time so i just ditch the gas station idea and drive to school. i was thinking i could get gas at the Gulf near my school aka the ghetto, but it was 2.19 so i decided to nix that idea too. then i was on time to class anyway and a group was giving a presentation. so i could have skipped. what the hell.
but now i'm eating an everything bagel and hopefully my pariah skills are still intact because my breath is garlic madness right now. i really need to work on my outline but i have no motivation.
i think my biggest problem is the only time i can do work is when i know i don't have anything else to do that day. like if i have class in an hour, which i do, then i can't get anything done. i might just read some Lolita and deal with the fact that my outline sucks and i'll prob be partnered with one of the really smart people (oh that's everyone) in my class. this was so pointless. i think i'll save my bloggin for a while until i have something constructive to say.

maybe i'll start writing the song that i'm listening to at the end of my blogs so you can see how lame i am. and i bet 9 times out of 10 it will be fob.
oh look what it is:
"Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today".
and the color cordinates with my ensemble.

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