Monday, March 30, 2009

how am i supposed to pretend i never want to see you again?

i forgot to mention that that lame last blog i posted was my 600th blog. crazy, right?
i was up at like 7 this morning because i had to call the teacher i was observing today since we've been playing phone tag all weekend and she left me a voice mail last night at like ten. so i just called her this morning at 7. i'm sure she enjoyed my groggy voice. she probably thought i was high or something. well then i woke up my computer and didn't feel like decoding morse code so i took a shower and got ready for class.
class was boring but i ended up getting a 102 on my quiz from last week, so i can't complain.
then i drove the mess called pittsburgh's roadways to get myself to this school. honestly gelly did nothing to help me get there. she recalculated about 30 times and brought me way out of where i needed to be and almost got me in an accident.
these kids, they're 4th graders, are my new loves, and apparently one of them is my best friend.
so i get to class and this girl walks up to me and goes "you're pretty" thanks? and then she went around telling everyone in class that she told the random lady that she was pretty. so at least a 4th grade girl thinks i'm pretty. even if no one else does. then mrs. cummins made me stand in front of the class and they all asked me questions about school and whatnot. then it was so cute they all went around the room and said what they wanted to be when they grew up. most of them wanted to be "singurs" or basketball players (most of them were black). i'd say like four of them raised their hands, not to ask a question, but to tell me that they liked my shoes. and throughout the day i probably got like 30 more comments on my shoes. i mean they are purple shiny snake skin open toe heels. you can't blame them.
i have some favorite quotes:
"we're in 4th grade, we know not to write on our skin. it gets absorbed into our skin"-mrs. cummins
(oops. i'm glad i didn't do that today like normal)
some little boy was sitting at the table with two of his friends talking about girls. apparently there is one girl, kiera, who is "fat and smells like poop" that they wanted the one boy to ask out. so he went somewhere not knowing his fly was down, he's such a player.
"we're going to be in france because we get to listen to france music."
"two hundred and eleven two hundred and nine hundred"
and then at the end of the day the girl who told me i was pretty and had been calling me her"best friend" all day, gave me a hug along with alexis .they're so cute i can't take it.
now i want to teach 4th grade.
but i know i hate little kids. she taught a 1st grade class french and it was just constant noise and saying "hunny" and "shhh" and "sit down" uhh i needed 4 advil by the time it was over.

apparently i am a thesaurus because i used the words "segue" and "mores" in my paper. i'm sure i used them wrong anyway.
"campus" - vampire weekend

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