Monday, March 16, 2009

i hope you like your pictures facing down.

ok so if you read my blahblahblahyayy blogspot, you know that today was terrible.
let me explain in detail.
i was planning on running this morning but it was still dark out, so i snoozed for two more hours. then i drove to class, almost fell asleep, went to the tech lab to do this powerpoint (there is this program that we have to use the tech lab for and so does everyone else in my class plus the other one) and i made all of my question slides and then what do you know- my computer freezes so i lost everything. then i went to work out. i did this extreme hard core run for 15 minutes and i felt so good afterwards. then i did the other machines. then i went back to the lab to try one more time. nope, too many people and there was a class in like ten minutes. so i went to talk to April Wiles St. Claire about possibly finding me another school where i can observe because ,oh, the teacher i was supposed to observe called me and said that i can't come. so i have to get 30 hours of observing by some imaginary form. oh, and i have to be done observing in two weeks...April was out of the office at the time...did she call me back after that extremely detailed note i left her? no, she did not. at time point i was fuming. i feel like it doesn't sound like a lot but it was. there was steam coming off my skin.
my favorite part of this section of the day was i was on the phone with my friend during the numerous attempts to break into the tech lab and i was waiting for him outside the elevators and he was like "i'll see you in three seconds" and then it was awk cause he was no where to be found. and then he came down the stairs on the other side of the hallway. i found this funny because it was a bad day.
then i drove home and wrote that terrible blog. then i looked at my comments on this blog and Anonymous left me a comment that literally made my day. it prob was some random friend of mine being rude, but even so it made me so happy, so thank you! then when the good thing happens on April 5, i'll let you in on it.
so i had this whole "i hate my life, everything is going wrong" attitude but that comment made me happy so i was all determined to finish my outline. and i sort of did. and i finished my powerpoint! i finally got in the tech lab at 5. then i went to my ed class. this is the fml story i was telling you about, denise.
i sit down and he walks up to me and says "hi, i'm clark remington" i was thinking he was trying to be funny because i haven't seen him in like 5 weeks. but no, he thought i wasn't a part of that class. so i said "umm, hi, i'm kristen" and then me and these two kids cracked up. the rest of the class was horrible. and now i'm home writing this terribly long blog.
and i would normally say that i've had such a terrible day, but it was actually slightly rewarding.

and this is the psychological section of the blog. i don't know what my problem is but i just don't feel like talking to hot boys. and i guess i should say new people in general. but the last couple of days i'm just in another world. i feel like such a bitch and it used to be because i was shy but now i don't really care who i'm talking to most of the time i just don't want to talk to anyone. so diagnose me, please.
oh i had a dream i was pregnant the other day because i've never had one of those and they seemed so popular it made me happy.

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  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    i'm not one of your friends, and i'm sure that if your friends are reading your blogs then they would let you know who you are. i'm glad my comment made your day. :) i hope i didn't comment in what you think was a rude way. i truly do enjoy reading your blog! :)