Thursday, March 12, 2009

i only keep myself this sick in the head cause i know how the words get you.

if i could move. soon it would only be to crawl back to you. must have dragged my guts to something or another. you know that i could crush you with my voice. ohh want to hate you half as much as i hate myself. stood on my roof and tried to see you forgetting about me. hide the details, i don't want to know a thing. my pen is the barrel of a gun, remind me which side you should be on.
sorry fobsession. forgive me.
today was strange. i feel like something bad happened but then it lead to something good. so i'm not sure if i should complain or not.
Well, anyway I thought I'd stop this little hiatus i've created at write a blog because today was a very eventful and it's only 12:34 pm.
As a defeatist (me) would put it, it's been a bad day. But the new semi-defeatist attitude i've been building up these past few weeks makes this day just rather funny. I'll gladly detail it for your reading pleasure.

First off, i woke up at 8:39. I have class at 8 today. i probably missed so many things, but hopefully i didn't. apparently the test is moved to next thursday, not next tuesday. so this makes me happy. well bad i missed class, good i got to sit around for an extra hour today staring out the window and listening the new kings of leon cd (which, by the way, is amazing).
Secondly, i had to do this little thing called "live classroom". you might be thinking to yourself, "fun". think again and turn your vocabulary towards "awkward". i'm not sure if anyone enjoys speaking into a microphone and having it recorded. oh while HAVING to speak because there are only 4 of you in a group. well i'm awk, we know this, and it was embarrassing. i mean it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be and thankfully we don't have to listen to ourselves. my contribution was mostly "i agree with ____, it's a good idea". hello 100%.
Next off, there was a man with a gun behind fisher (the building where i was doing the live classroom) on Wattson street. So cool. there is a man with a gun, i've lived through this before at leonardtown. sans swat team or being locked in a classroom watching Aladdin and watching people pee in a bucket this time. they don't care about us. i thought they should have locked down the whole school and let us commuters go home so we wouldn't get shot and have another episode of freshman year. but the duq alert system called us and told us to get out of fisher safely. ok so if the gunman is standing outside the door what do we do? at least all classes in fisher were cancelled, but not in any other building. because duq is so large of a school that i highly doubt a man with a gun could inconspicuously run from building to building with out the dupo(aka duquesne police) catching him.
so then i went to the library and sat in here, they told us that we're on pseudo lock down and fisher was on lock down. so five minutes later they caught him and the "situation was resolved" so this was about 12:10 and i had class at 12:15. i got there at about 12:23ish and it was still cancelled. whoopie.
this means i still have my writing history class. which i dread more than public speaking.
i feel like more happened but i think that was it.
so i'll sit here and avoid homework. i gave up the internet and i'm not sure what to do because my book is in my car and it's too far to walk.
oh this book. it's really good but i feel like such a perv reading it because it's about this man who is 25 or
something and he goes to live with this family in america and he loves the woman's 12 year old daughter. so far all they've done is kiss and now he's married to her mother so he can get closer to the girl. i am like "whaaaaaaa?"

but i need to work out except there is something wrong with my leg. i had a dream yesterday that i pulled it and i woke up and couldn't walk. so it still hurts but i guess i'll just pedal through the pain because i ate so much food yesterday i don't think any amount of working out will counter the calories i had.

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