Monday, March 23, 2009

it was just how you looked in the light.

i'm dying. send flowers. i only like yellow tulips.
but really. here is a hypocondriac's list of problems:
1. my fingers are still turning blue. they're not that bad today, but they're still blue and people are starting to think i'm crazy.
2. i can't produce saliva. this has been happening since this summer. it sucks.
3. sometimes i go partially blindish.

well that's all that i can think of. my TB test is prob going to come back positive because it's my life. something has to be documented.
i keep writing blogs then not publishing them because they just don't seem right. it's very odd. i've been doing nothing lately. but i'll tell you a story that will make you think i'm crazy. i'm that neighbor. ok well i got home on friday night at like 11 and there was a Taurus parked in my spot. so not wanting to get towed or anything i was about to call Ross when i saw that there were like ten people in apartment 3. (they had the window open with the blinds up, i'm not that creepy) so i knocked on the door and asked if anyone was parked there. some girl was so we walked up to the parking lot, it wasn't her car. so i felt like an ass but she moved it to the street and i parked in the spot where the eclipse usually parks but for some reason the past few weeks the eclipse just parks where ever it wants to.

i really want to get back on my reading spurt. i'm in the middle of this book called Lolita. I'll have to write a review when i'm done so you all will want to go out and read it.

Also, i don't know what my problem is but i can't stop eating. i was doing so well for so long and i'm only 5 pounds away from my weight when i got my permit. but i still look the same. i think i look fatter than like last month. not like it really matters and anyone wants to read about my weight woes. but there they are.

i also don't think people should say "i love you" when they're just playing around. could they be having a Freudian slip? i'm not really sure. but i don't like when random people or my friends or anyone is just playing around and they say it. ash tries to rationalize this by saying there are different levels of love. but maybe i'm just such a [fill in the right word here] person that i can't stand that. i have no emotions and i can't show affection. i'm actually a terrible person.


  1. ahahahah
    i am a hypochondriac too.
    and almost died today giving blood, but i passed out. again.
    anyway I LOVE YOU. lol. but ican say it cuz i know u and i mean it duh

  2. i just wrote cuz.